• Serve on the Board of Directors. The Board provides administrative and fiscal oversight for the Volunteering.jpgagency. Board members seek to strengthen and guide the agency toward the goal of providing services to all who seek help from Shepherd's. Learn more.
  • Help with events and educational forums. (E.g. assisting with projects such as calligraphy, centerpieces, etc.)
  • Provide pro bono professional services. This helps us stretch our funds to provide services for those in need. Shepherd's welcomes and appreciates donated pro bono professional services, including:
          - Video Production
          - Graphic Design (brochures and mailings)
          - IT services/ Tech Support
          - Google Analytics Specialists
          - Marketing services (SEO, Social Media, Blogging, etc.)
          - Public/media relations (i.e. helping to increase Shepherd's presence in the news/media)
          - Printing services (e.g. Newsletters, Annual Reports, Letterhead, Business Cards, etc.)

If you are interested in volunteering or providing pro-bono services, please email info@shepherdstherapy.org or call (206) 321-2684 and ask for Jill Armitage.


For additional information about volunteering at Shepherd's, see our Volunteer Policy.