Workshops for Survivors

A Unique and Special Opportunity for Male Survivors!

Local screenwriter, interviewer, and survivor, Warren Etheredge, will be sharing his craft of Storyfinding to help male survivors bring new understanding and value to their own story.


STORYFINDING®: Mining Narrative Gold from Character

If you wish to tell a great story, you must first understand what it is or, more precisely, why it is. 

Storyfinding® is a unique process that enables you to tap into your greatest resource: you. Storyfinding harnesses your curiosity and compassion to create a clear and thoughtful narrative of your life experience to find healing and empowerment.


Over the course of the day, Warren Etheredge will share the secrets of his Storyfinding technique — a process he has honed over 25 years writing for television, theater and film and working with screenwriters, documentarians, combat vets, and professionals. You’ll learn how to write and understand your story so well, that its power will be evident whether you share it as a novel, a speech, in communicating with your loved ones, or most importantly, as a valuable tool to help you process your own experience. 

Throughout the day there will be times of learning, writing, and sharing (as you wish) in the safety of meeting with other male survivors, the expertise of Warren and the guidance of Shepherd’s therapists who will be available.

 When                                                               Where

Saturday, March 16, 2019                              Shepherd's Counseling Services

9:30 – 3:30pm                                                2601 Broadway East

                                                                       Seattle, WA 98102


$30 (included lunch) .                      For more information or to register:





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